Covid-19 response at Fortum Group

Fortum is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, partners and customers, and the societies in which we operate.

Fortum and Uniper share a similar approach in protecting employees and operations from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Both companies keep on monitoring the medical situations in the countries we operate.

Pandemic coordination at Fortum

At the beginning of the pandemic, coordination teams consisting of senior management were established in both companies to closely monitor the development of the pandemic and to agree on related actions.

At Fortum, excluding Uniper, the Covid-19 Task Force comprises experts from Corporate Security, Occupational Healthcare, People Function, Corporate Communications, Corporate Risk and Compliance, Public Affairs, Corporate Procurement, and the Business Technology units. The Task Force is led by the Vice President of the Security unit.

Fortum Executive Management support is provided by Senior Vice Presidents for People and Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability.

The role of the Pandemic task Force

The Task Force supports Fortum’s business divisions and support functions by:

  • Maintaining situational awareness regarding the pandemic
  • Following up on the requirements and recommendations issued by the local authorities in different countries
  • Issuing instructions for safe work arrangements at offices and sites, as well as guidance for remote working
  • Giving medical updates regarding testing and vaccines
  • Communicating best practices and lessons learnt in tackling the pandemic at the workplace

Employee communication and practices during the pandemic

Task Force has organised town hall meetings with Q&A sessions for Fortum employees. In addition, Pandemic newsletters have been sent to all Fortum employees. Information on the pandemic has also been available on the corporate intranet for all employees in six languages. The practices taken into use at Fortum offices and sites to combat Covid-19 and safeguard the health of personnel include the requirement or recommendation, depending on guidelines given by the local authorities, to work remotely in those positions where a physical presence is not required.

At sites where remote work is not possible, we have implemented special precautionary measures, such as arranging staggered arrivals, breaks and lunch hours, maintaining physical distance, encouraging the use of face masks and organising enhanced cleaning. Hand disinfectants, face masks, protective gloves and disinfectant cleaning wipes are provided at Fortum offices and sites.

The company has implemented several measures to support employees working remotely; examples include cloud-based IT solutions and HR processes that support wellbeing and flexible mobile work arrangements.