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Commodity trading services

Fueling our passion for hedging and trading, we specialize in delivering customized electricity trading, procurement and risk handling solutions for energy-intensive industries and electricity retailers. Decarbonisation is a joint effort – together we define your long-term energy needs and identify suitable clean energy solutions for you.

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Why choose Fortum?

With us, you are dealing with a leading energy company with 24/7 market access.
Our highly experienced originators and analysts optimise your company’s electricity procurement into a customized solution to achieve the most beneficial handling of your electricity portfolio. For customers seeking to manage their risk exposure through financial hedging, we offer bilateral trading with a wide range of standardised and structured products, in conjunction with physical deliveries. Choosing us as your trading partner means aligning yourself with a trusted, reliable, and socially responsible counterparty.

Our services

Hedging and power trading

We offer an easy access B2B trading experience through Commodity Access services, providing large industrial customers with easy access to electricity and related commodities.

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PPA's and structured products​

We provide tailored trading solutions, including long-term PPA's and structured products, ensuring diverse and customized energy agreements for our clients.

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Green trading

We provide reliable solutions for environmentally-conscious electricity sourcing through our offerings of Guarantees of Origin (GO), environmental labels and carbon products.

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Physical power delivery

We provide seamless physical delivery of electricity, ensuring reliable and efficient supply to meet your energy needs.

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Demand response

We offer comprehensive solutions for demand response, allowing businesses to leverage the flexibility of their power consumption, unlocking additional revenue streams through active participation in capacity markets.

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Juha Sainio

Sales Manager, Finland
Tel: +358 40 777 9311
juha [dot] sainio [at] fortum [dot] com

Rikard Dagerbäck

Sales Manager, Sweden
Tel: +46 73 758 2872
rikard [dot] dagerback [at] fortum [dot] com

Antti Rantanen

PPA Sales Manager
Tel: +358 50 453 6510
antti [dot] rantanen [at] fortum [dot] com